Deal Badges

This badge appears on product pages when our system determines that a specified price is good compared to its price history.

The criteria for being "good" are simple: 1) the current price must be within 5% of the lowest recorded price, and 2) the current price must have occurred at least 5 weeks from the time the product entered our system. These criteria ensure that you get a good price and that the current price has had time to drop, respectively.


In each of the price history charts below, green circles appear over prices that our system considers "good".

The "Best Price" badge signifies a special case of the "Good Deal" badge above where the price we're reporting is not only a good deal but also the lowest price we've ever seen for the product. You might consider it the goodest of good deals (if you were comfortable using words that don't exist).

We hope these features are helpful in choosing when to buy! Please contact us if you see a badge on our site and think it's a mistake.