Like pretty much everything on the planet, there are benefits in being partnered, as well as benefits in not being partnered. At the core, a partnership means you have someone to bounce ideas off of, some sort of financial support and emotional support as well. Where being single means there is ample time to get a better sense of independence, both financially and emotionally. Being single allows more time and money to go after life's tokens, and build toward a more actualized version of yourself. Perhaps you and someone else are somewhere in between, which could be healthy or not, but generally, opportunities of fun and growth from the partnered AND single buckets may be present.

It's cliche to point out how Valentine's Day, with all its cool origin and evolution stories, has been taken hostage by ad companies. If anything, this holiday is a reason to reflect on the dynamics of ALL relationships in general:

  • What hobbies, if any, do we share? What hobbies are just mine?
  • What interests do we share?
  • What makes us excited? What makes just me excited?

These types of questions are like the first steps of stepping out into a new world where enriching hobbies and opportunities are just around the corner.

Valentine's Day for Singles

Valentine's Day hoo-ha aside, being single is a blank canvas allowing for amazing opportunities that are just not around as much for partnered people, no matter how committed or casual the relationship. Being single leaves zero friction when it comes to hobbies and side hustles, the sky is literally the limit.

Tinker Dabble Doodle Try: Unlock the Power Of the Unfocused Mind

This book is for anyone who has felt any form of mental fatigue. Interesting psychological case studies and familiar examples of the focus-unfocus mind's processes are explained so clearly, it's an effortless read. Use this book to gain energy and focus by unfocusing. Shed the hamster wheel mentality, while still taking a side hustle or hobby to the next level. Better do it now, while you're still single.

Also, Check Out:

Careers: The Graphic Guide to Planning Your Future

Side Hustle: From Idea to Imcome in 27 Days

The Art of Fermentation

Oil Painting For Dummies

Beginner's Step-By-Step Coding Course

Valentine's Day For Couples

Some partnerships thrive when little to no time is spent near one another. Some couples are permanently attached. And the rest fall somewhere in-between. The cool thing is, Valentine's Day can be a time to add a new and fun activity into a relationship, any relationship.  

The Yoga Bible

Picking up some moves from this book and making a routine of doing a little yoga together is pretty much always going to be a win-win situation. Starting the day in this peaceful, yet productive and physically healthy way is kind of a no-brainer. Also, doing a little couples yoga at the end of a long day also sets a good precedent for the evening to come.  

Other Fun Activities for Couples:

Make Macrame Plant Hangers at a Park With Some Wine and Snacks

Make Candles for The Home and as Gifts

Play a Fun and Involved Board Game

Books On Relationships

Books on relationships are not just for people currently IN relationships. They are a great way to get to know yourself better. It might even be better to get to gain insight before entering a partnership, or even dating.

Seven Levels Of Intimacy - A great read for couples on singles on how relationships move up and down.

You Are a Bad Ass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life (Series) - Best sellers for good reason.

The Secret Language of Relationships

Do Valentine's Day Your Way

Relationships start, mature, end, or go back and forth 24/7, 365. All the more reason to treat Valentine's Day as an opportunity to bring all relationships in your life to the next level, whatever that may be.