We will be taking our sites offline to do some database server maintenance in the next week or so.  Unfortunately, it is a big one and will take a number of hours to complete.  We are hopeful that we can keep the sites up for most of that window, but we may run into problems and be forced to be completely offline until maintenance is complete.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this is sure to cause, but we really cannot avoid this maintenance.  The best explanation is: We’re collecting so much data that we have to expand the database or we risk it filling up.  Due to the size of our existing data, this expansion will take hours.

Consider yourselves warned!


Maintenance took longer than expected tonight.  Or, more accurately, pre-maintenance backups took longer than expected.  This is the first downtime in what we hope will be a small series of necessary downtimes.  The upside is, after we get things straightened out, we should have smooth sailing for a while.

Expect another late-night (for US folks) downtime in the next day or two.


We’ve found a way to update our database without taking it offline, and have been utilizing this method since around 9pm this evening.  Right now, the estimated run-time is about 3 days…during which time, the site will be slower to respond to requests and we will be updating fewer products per hour.  Once the maintenance is complete, things will go right back to normal.  Or perhaps even better!