Amazon has unprecedentedly issued a second Prime Day this year. Get ready for a lot of saving opportunities on October 11th and 12th. With the announcement, Amazon also dropped a slate of Prime Day Early Access Sale items on top of a ton of Fall Savings items already available. This is a great way to lessen the inevitable financial blow from the holidays. Getting ahead of gift shopping is an arrow in the quiver of other money-saving opportunities, like filling out items on the fall-needs list and stocking up on household essentials.

Fall Needs

There’s a good chance that a single, strategic Amazon order could get you set up for not just fall, but the chilly winter as well. Thinking ahead about cold weather annoyances and general considerations saves money because last-minute buying almost always means having to get more spendy.

Good, Cheap Wool Socks

A pack of cozy wool socks is the antidote to the bare feet on a cold kitchen floor cringe when all you need is to get the coffee going. Amazingly, the always long-lasting and sturdy Dickies socks are also the cheapest option.

Light Therapy Lamp

Are you a morning person that has trouble adjusting to the extra hour of darkness early in the day? Or, a night person that can feel a bit deflated when the sun starts going down in the late afternoon? A light therapy lamp could be helpful.

Cozy Throw Blanket

A warm throw is great for people who work from home, or for taking the chill off during after-dinner movies on the couch, or early morning coffee and news-reading sessions in or out of bed. Once again, the best option is also a name brand: Eddie Bauer offers this super-cozy, fleeced-lined option worthy of breaking out that 1000-piece puzzle and the Reddi-whip coffee.

Projector for Movies

Make an occasion out of simple things like some home-popped popcorn and a long movie that’s fun or intriguing. The idea is that the slow pace of a film helps us adapt to the slow pace of fall, and then winter. A projector like this also makes a great gift.

Cool Rain Shoes

One might think that their current shoes will be able to handle the incoming wet weather. But we all know that mindset leads to soaking feet and remorse for not just pulling the trigger on a pair of wet-weather shoes before it became an issue. These Chelsea boots take the classic Blundstone look while lowering the price and offering WAY more color options. They also appear a bit more unisex. Just saying.

Get Ahead on Gift Gets

This surprise Prime day works out perfectly for those of us that like to get ahead any way we can on holiday gifts. A good strategy is to figure out a loose budget and let the options available inspire purchases. A few pointed searches could illuminate a gift that you hadn't thought of.

Good, Cheap, and Fancy Shower Head

This very fancy showerhead includes overhead rainfall and is way cheaper than you would expect. It's the kind of gift that hits the sweet spot of being highly desirable, yet something nobody would treat themselves to. Extra credit if you actually install it and leave a bow and a card tied to it for your partner to find. Light some scented candles while you’re at it.

Gifts for Home Chefs De Cuisine

The strategy here is to do a little detective work as to which item is missing from the kitchen belonging to the home chef in your life. Then, look at all the kitchen deals available right now and find a good option while the prices are low.

Gifts For Pet Parents

It’s unclear which is better: giving the gift to your pet-crazy friend or family member or getting to see the cute screen captures of their fuzzy friends at home being cute.

Electronics Savings in Full Swing

The unprecedented collision of the fall sale and the surprise 2nd Prime Day of 2022 created a great opportunity to buy that big gift that you have already decided you want to give this year. Looking through the Fall and Early Prime Day Sales sections is a good idea, whether for a child, another family member, or even yourself.

Starter Blue Tooth Speaker for Kids

It’s good to start slow when it comes to another noise-making device. And having a smaller option is great for the music and podcast lovers in your life that like to create little chill-and-listen zones in different cozy areas of the house. Also, this is another affordable name-brand model that gets extra points for being waterproof.

Wireless Earbuds  

We are at a time when wireless earbuds are no longer a novelty. There are many options and specs to consider, so we figured out a few Camel Picks that make sense for different purchase needs.

Back-Up Phone Essentials

There are a ton of Home Essentials available at a discount right now, so it is good to stock up on soaps and other home needs. But something that we often don’t think about until it is too late are the items that tend to give out suddenly at inopportune times, like necessary cellphone accessories.

Charger Cables

Most of the time, when a phone charger goes out, the charging block is still fine. So it is a good strategy to stock up on a few extra charging cables now rather than having to overpay for a 25-foot cable that is just going to break again from the bodega.

Glass Screen Protectors

The last thing you need is a cracked screen on top of additional holiday responsibilities. Screen replacements are expensive enough that it's easy to resign to the frustrations of having a broken screen. There is an overabundance of products that offer protection, but the most straightforward antidote tends to be these glass screen protectors.

Affordable Portable Phone Charger

When a phone charger goes out, realistically, one only has maybe a day that they can go without their phone, and really it's probably more like a matter of hours. The quickest option is usually to go to the closest big box store. Yet, they seem to know this because going to the local big box almost always results in overpaying. Now is the time to invest in a relief charger.

Two Sales Converge

This surprise coalescing of sales feels almost like recognition of the financial precarity of the latter stages of the pandemic. When it is done correctly, there are money-saving and stress-reducing strategies available to ease the transition out of summer, through fall, and into the winter.