Even a few weeks into Spring, depending on where you live, there still may be some snow on the ground, or it might even be actively snowing. While others are oscillating between warm, average, and cool days. Meanwhile, the desert dwellers are still asking, “when isn’t it picnic weather?” Whether you live in forever-Summer or a location with seasons, the time is now to start thinking about Spring and Summertime activities. Even if there is still a bit of snow hanging around your front yard, planning ahead for warmer days is a great way to power through the last vestiges of Winter.


Did you know you can just order a bike from Amazon? This is a game-changer for those of us that have trouble following through with changes, especially new and healthier routines. One way to reduce the friction from the couch to the door is to have an activity that you are stoked to do – and bicycling is still very, very, fun if you don’t remember.

The options for bicycles on Amazon are eclectic and abundant, so if you already have an idea of your biking needs, you will surely be able to find the perfect fit lickity-split. Or if you just want something to break the seal, like something you could use to bop around town on or eventually use for more serious rides, here are a few suggestions.

Dynacraft Magna - This steel-frame bike comes in different sizes and styles and will not break the bank. Perfect for running errands or more serious riding when you're ready.

Schwinn High Timber - This bike is one step up with aluminum and steel frame options as well as some bigger sizes. It is a great entry to advanced level mountain bike but is also great for running errands.

Vilano City Bike - Where the High Timber leans in the direction of a mountain bike, the Vilano leans in the direction of a road bike. This very affordable bike is super attractive with a straightforward model for those who live in a location that's more urban.

Unique and Fun Bikes

Xspec Folding Bike - Folding bikes are great for hybrid adventures, like a road trip where you want to break up the driving with some exploration and exercise.

Unicycle - This is how you immediately become the coolest person in town. Let the inner rock star out.

Schwinn Maridian Adult Tricycle - Not only is it a giant tricycle, but it also comes in an alarming amount of designs and colors and has a wicked basket between the two back wheels. This is the perfect bike to ride down to the beach for a picnic.

Remember: Don't forget your helmet and u-lock.

Next Level Picnic Blankets

We are living in a new era of picnic blankets, ones that have a soft side and a waterproof side. This updated version of the classic picnic blanket is absolutely perfect for a Springtime picnic when you might struggle with a little bit of soggy grass. And the latest development is that there are now tons of different patterns to choose from. Keep it by the front door with some other picnic supplies, and give in to those picnic impulses.

Waterproof Picnic Blanket - This blanket gets the job done and has more muted patterns that go with everything.

Livin Life Blanket -Try this blanket if you are trying to add a little bit of color to your park and beach dates.

Music Festival Kit

Music festivals are a great Spring and Summer (and even Fall) activity. It is the perfect intersection of travel, picnicking, and concerts. At long last, they are really going to be popping off this year too. A little bit of preparation ahead of time goes a long way to ensure a good experience once you're inside the gates.

Don’t Forget:

A lot of these items will carry you all the way through until the end of the year when some cold weather will be a welcome break from the heat. But until then, let's get out and enjoy the warm weather like it's 1999.