Check Out Prime Day 2021 at Amazon

Think products and services.

This year, Amazon parlayed the announcement that Prime Day would be a month earlier than expected with some pre-Prime Day price drops that leave us anticipating not just what is in store this year, but where they are going as a services provider. Our data show that Prime Day price dips are as low or even lower than other money-saving holidays like Black Friday.

Thousands of items are already showing up priced lower than usual. Seasoned camelcamelcamel price-trackers and experienced Couponers will recognize some of them: The Apple AirPods line, Apple TV, Apple Watches; modern robot floor cleaners that can vacuum and now mop too. The Ring Video Doorbell is becoming a regular fixture in many households and is also seeing a huge dip, not to mention the KASA Smart Plug, the appropriately named Ninja Blender, and the ever-cherished Instant Pot.

To take full advantage of price dips that are only being announced at the stroke of Prime Day midnight, keep in mind this precise window of cost-saving opportunity: Prime Day officially commences at 12 a.m. Pacific Time (3 a.m. Eastern Time) on Monday, June 21st, and ends at 11:59 p.m. PT (which is 2:59 a.m Wednesday ET).*

Amazon is in the process of merging together their devices with other in-house services and functions. For example, Amazon Music Unlimited has features accessible through Fire media players, and Alexa seems to be popping up everywhere. It's becoming clear that Prime Day 2021 is not just about price drops on specific items, but a vehicle for the yoking of exceptional subscription services and Amazon devices.

Subscription Services

With the intersection of the Digital Age and the COVID Pandemic, giving the brain a moment to relax and wander is a revitalizing form of self-care. Audiobooks, Music, and Podcasts are an easy way to shift into a state of relaxation. But with all the subscription services available, it’s easy to over-pay. Prime Day may be starting on Monday, but subscription services are already being marked down and gussied up with new incentives.


Audiobooks are great when you feel like relaxing but still want a bit of educational stimulation or to be taken on a bit of a journey during the commute or mindless work. They’re also great if you need a distraction when exercising. Infinite genres and highly entertaining narrators like actor Nick Offerman and comedian Maria Bamford make audiobooks as enjoyable as watching a great movie or play. But purchasing them ala-carte is not cheap, which is why we recommend jumping on one of the many affordable Audible membership tiers before Prime Day concludes.

Amazon Music

Having the ability to stream high quality music and podcasts directly into your ears 24/7 is one of the astonishing benefits of living in the 21st century. Music is like a Swiss Army knife: it can calm you down and be a welcomed distraction from life's banalites. It can help get you out of bed, and even hype you up when you need an extra boost. Additionally, Amazon Music Unlimited is a hub for podcasts when you feel like enjoying educational, serious, or comedic discussions, or listening to episodic documentaries.

Amazon Music Unlimited offers 60 million songs for the avid music lover, while Amazon Music Prime is a money-saver included in Prime Memberships and offers a truncated list of songs for the more casual music listener.

For Prime Day, Amazon is giving away 4 months free with a lower monthly fee afterward for Prime Members, and an additional option to pay annually which drops the monthly cost even further. Finally, the absolute lowest price you can pay is if you already own an Amazon device like something with Fire TV or a product in the Echo line.


Right now, the podcast spigot is on full blast and many people identify as avid podcast listeners. Wondery is a podcast network with many popular shows and now Wondery Plus has been stacked with cool Prime Day incentives.

Anyone who listens to podcasts is familiar with the act of scrubbing past lengthy advertisements that can break up the listening flow. Wondery Plus is an ad-free service that also offers additional content and gives listeners access to episodes early. For Prime Day, Wondery is offering 4 months for free when you sign up for Wondery Plus. Additionally, if you pay annually, the cost breaks down to under three dollars USD per month.

Amazon Devices

Amazon continues to integrate their many devices with their many services. For example, Amazon Music Unlimited has a feature called X-Ray Lyrics where you can watch the lyrics of each song scroll by on your devices like the Fire TV or Fire Tablet. Additionally, The X-Ray function allows the listener to view trivia about the artist, album and song.

Also, Amazon has not been shy about making sure that Alexa is a feature on most speakers and smart devices in the Echo line, and items like the Echo Show.

Echo Line

The alluring Amazon Echo speakers not only project high quality audio, but Alexa is completely integrated as one of their main functions. With two to six Echo speakers, you can play audio in stereo form. This creates the multidimensional listening experience that is intended by creators of music, movies, and some podcasts. The seductive orb-shaped model has been around since late 2020 and deals have been showing up in the days following Amazon's announcement of Prime Day 2021. Make sure to price watch these and other Echo products.

Echo Buds

The second-generation of Amazon’s own wireless earphones have only been around for a couple of months and already have a ton of very positive reviews. They use Bose noise reduction technology which makes them highly competitive against similar products and integrating Alexa takes the voice assistant, and the Echo Buds to the next level. Whether or not you prefer the model with or without a charging case, the Echo Buds are being sold for the lowest rate yet at 40-50% off.

Fire TV Line

The Amazon Fire TV streaming media player allows you to watch TV and movies, stream music, play games, as well as use other internet based apps like YouTube. Fire TV comes built into some Toshiba and Insignia Smart TVs that are on sale for Prime Day. Or if you already have a TV, choose one of the three plug in models––Stick 4K, TV Stick, or the Stick Lite––which all come with Alexa integration. There is also the Fire TV Cube which comes with - you guessed it - Alexa built in, but also helps link soundbars, and Audio/Video receivers from all of the most popular brands.

Fire TV supports all major streaming services from Prime Video and Netflix, to Amazon Music Unlimited and Spotify, as well as sports streaming services, and newbies like HBO Max and Peacock.

The differences between the models can be subtle but generally, Fire TV Stick and and Fire TV Stick Lite are good for streaming 1080p resolution and Amazon Fire Stick TV 4K and Amazon Fire TV Cube stream in a higher, 4k resolution. Regardless of the price point, all of the models offer the same applications and functional programs; there is even a “Free” tab that collects free content.

The bottom line is, keep your eyes peeled on Monday for price drops on all of the Fire Sticks and the Fire TV Cube, as well as Fire TVs.

For price-trackers and people that just like, or need, to save as much money as possible, there are a few more routes to be aware of. If you don’t have a Prime account yet, there is always the free week-long trial that will allow you to take advantage of Prime Day deals. Also, qualifiers of EBT and Medicaid get a very heavily discounted rate for a Prime Membership. Not to mention, if Prime Members choose “No-Rush Delivery” at checkout they receive a discount on future orders or other types of promotional rewards. Combine all of these incentives with price tracking at camelcamelcamel, and you won’t have to worry about paying more than you have to.

*Important: For U.S. residents that live outside of California, most of Oregon, Washington State, Nevada and the Idaho Panhandle, Prime Day savings will expire between 12:59 a.m and 2:59 a.m. on Wednesday, June 23rd.

Check Out Prime Day 2021 at Amazon  Words & Art by Jamie Payne.