Once more, we assembled a team to look at the mountains of data that camelcamelcamel has accumulated over the years. There were certain items that were price-tracked over and over on the days leading up to Mother's Day. So once the Data Lemmings returned from the nooks and crannies of our database, we assembled a list of leads on gifts for the Mother figure in your life.

Frequently Price-Tracked Items for Mother’s Day

Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods are a convenience item. It makes sense why they show up as a frequently priced-tracked item around Mother’s Day. If you decide to grab a pair for the Mom in your life, be sure to show her all of the convenient hacks and Easter eggs.

If you want bonus points, pair the AirPods with an Audible subscription. Or, if Mom is a runner, AirPods make a great companion to the Apple Watch.

Bluetooth Speakers

Like AirPods, bluetooth speakers are a perfect gift for a Mother figure that doesn't abide by the laws of, "Treat yo' self." Audio treats like music, podcasts, and audiobooks create a new vibe and energy where ever they broadcast. Try pairing a bluetooth speaker with a music streaming or audiobook subscription. Some bluetooth speakers are even built to be brought anywhere so you can pair them with items that turn the bathroom into a spa, or hiking accessories.

Most Popular - Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker It’s affordable, waterproof, drop proof, and stays charged for 24 hours. It’s by far one of the cheapest options out there, surprising considering the quality of the sound and overall durability.

Most Versatile - The Echo Line has an almost endless list of mindblowing hacks, especially when paired with Alexa. Use it to set the thermostat or water the lawn. With Alexa, set lights to flash when timers go off and about a million other cool IFTTTs (“If This, Then That”). The Echo is, of course, great for music too, especially when multiple speakers are set up throughout the house. Side note: If you're someone who worries about privacy, you can set it to ensure Alexa is not listening.

Most Compact - The Tribit Stormbox Micro Speaker sounds great, is dustproof, and waterproof, and it clips to your handlebars!

Best Overall Deal - The JBL Flip 5 has great sound, high durability, waterproof fabric, solid charge retention, and the price dips very often. Be sure to set a price tracking alert for this one.

Think Creatively - Envision bringing a bluetooth speaker into the family room for puzzle night. If you want to really tug on the heartstrings, create a playlist or series of playlists that reflect your appreciation for the Mom in your life.

Domestic Gifts That Are Actually Thoughtful

Lodge “Heirloom-Quality” Cast Iron

Unless your Mom is a hobbyist cleaner - we advise against buying a vacuum, or other domestic-related gifts. Having said that, we did notice an uptick in more niche items. If Mom is the type of person that would dig a cast iron pan, chances are cooking is – at least sometimes – a hobby, not a chore.

Instant Pot

Another gift that is not just another cliche “Mom” item happens to be one of the all-time most price-tracked items around Mother’s Day. We thought about how the overall popularity of this product probably played a role in the data we sorted, but let’s face it: Instant Pots are just the bomb. Pressure cook, steam, make rice, or you can even make yogurt. Load it up in the morning with ingredients and set the timer so that when you come home, dinner is already prepared. Digging into our data and other cold numbers, it’s clear that Instant Pots have produced staggering sales for multiple years in a row; they’ve even been responsible for hundreds of cookbooks.

Making meals in the Instant Pot really is as easy as slicing a large chunk of meat in half, adding stock, onions, carrots, celery, and salt at the end– and pushing a button. Or take it up a notch and use fresh fennel and garlic; use dried herbs like coriander, and cumin (bonus points if you buy them whole and grind them by hand or in a spice grinder. Last, add some dijon mustard and dry white wine… and push the button. Do you see where we're going with this?

Celebrate the Unique

Mother’s Day is not about getting a gift that helps the Mom in your life perform “Mom Duties." Think of this holiday as an opportunity to show your love for your Mother figure by re-enforcing a part of them that might have been put aside among the mayhem that is family life. Get sneaky by casually inquiring to them about some enjoyable hobby of yester-decade, or call up an old friend or family member for some clues.