We launched a new feature today that many of you have been asking for for a long time.  We're now alerting on some Prime eligible 3rd party prices.  If you're tracking the Amazon price type for a product and we see that there is a 3rd party price that is Prime eligible and is priced lower than your desired price (and the Amazon offer is not already lower than your desired price), we'll alert you.

There is a caveat with 3rd party Prime alerting. We can't see all 3rd party Prime offers. We can only see the lowest price 3rd party offer and in many instances this is not a Prime offer.  Prime offers may exist at a higher price level, but we can't see them. But we figured that alerting on a significant number of 3rd party Prime offers was better than zero. So keep an eye out for our new alerts and read more about how 3rd party Prime alerts work.