Big news for camelcamelcamel users! For the first time ever, Amazon’s Black Friday has been extended to 48 hours, starting one day earlier at 12:01 AM, PST on November 25th, (Thanksgiving Day), and continuing until 11:59 PM on November 26th. Also for the first time, there's already a ton of Early Black Friday Deals up and running.

This is a game-changer for anyone interested in saving some bucks during this spendy time of year. Not to mention, for more serious price-conscious people, these developments ease some of the time-crunch stress associated with Black Friday.

Flash sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a time when prices can reach yearly lows, so a little planning goes a long way. Simple steps like budgeting and the tiniest bit of internet research will allow for stress-free online shopping experiences for you, while everyone else will be looking like this:

Key Points

  • Amazon’s Black Friday has been EXTENDED - Starting 12:01 AM, PST on November 25th, (Thanksgiving Day), and continuing until 12 Midnight on November 26th.
  • There Are Already Early Black Friday Deals Available - Check back often, as the deals keep changing.  
  • Epic Daily Deals - This precursor to Black Friday is sorted according to your account.
  • 100 Most Loved Gifts -  Amazon has been sharing some data of its own. This is a great hack for people having trouble finding gifts for their loved ones.
  • If You Use Amazon Devices, You Are in Luck - Not surprisingly, Amazon products are often the focus of Amazon sales and the savings are worth checking out. Is there a device you need to save a bit of money on, or do you need something from their Basics Collection?
  • Toy Deals A-Plenty - An old-school trait from the days of yore, toys are on sale during the holidays, but you won’t have to get trampled by Arnold this time…
  • Check Your Budget, Make a List, and Look at Lightning Deals - Lightning deals are short, rapid fire sales that you can currently find on The Early Black Friday page (and under the Lighting or Daily Deals section post-holidays). Sometimes there is an option to join a waiting list on the item page if the stock is too low to fulfill your order. When the item becomes available, you will see notification in the top right corner your Amazon page, or if you have the app, you will receive a notification. There is a time limit to add the item to your cart and  you must complete the transaction within 15 minutes. The wait list is also available for Cyber Monday deals ahead of time, and at the time this article was written, was combined with Early Black Friday Deals.
  • Cyber Monday - If you missed Black Friday, there are more killer deals on Cyber Monday, three days later. If you use voice shopping with Alexa, you may get a head start on Cyber Monday.
  • Amazon Does Not Deliver on Thanksgiving - So plan ahead.

Exact Black Friday and Cyber Monday Starting Times


Black Friday Starts

Black Friday Ends

Cyber Monday Begins

Cyber Monday Ends

USA & Canada

12:01 a.m. PST on Nov. 25th 

12 Midnight PST on Nov. 26th (48 hrs long)

12:01a.m PST on Nov. 29th

12 Midnight PST on Nov. 29th


12:01a.m. EDT on Nov. 26th

12 Midnight EDT on Nov. 26th (24 hrs long)

12:01a.m EDT on Nov. 29th

12 Midnight EDT on Nov. 29th

Our Picks

Samsung’s Art-Inspired Frame TV

There is something calming about a tastefully organized home. With these new Frame TVs, living rooms are becoming more visually calming, which reduces stress and lifts moods. Nixing that clunky black TV and adding a beloved piece of art into the your life is a way to temper stress during the holidays and beyond. Or maybe you’d prefer photographs from family trips, of a distant loved one, the pets, or even an ambient video on a loop. The point is, when you aren’t kicking back a the end of the day watching some Netflix, this QLED 4K smart TV has enough definition to double as a piece of art. The set-up is simple too with customizable frame options that are simple magnets that pop right on. It’s Alexa and Google Assistant capable, and mounts flush on the wall.

This item is extremely popular, for good reason, and is showing very low prices this holiday season.

Eufy RoboVac 11s

Another great addition to the household for the holidays and beyond is a robot vacuum, and with the Eufy RoboVac 11s, you no longer have to pay a fortune. This model is  more quiet with less bells and whistles, like voice command, that tend to raise the price of other brands significantly. This model is also slightly shorter so it can scoot under furniture easier than the 11. The fastest shipping options are set as the default, and our data show significant and frequent price drops.

Instant Pot

Yes, we are talking about the Instant Pot again. What can we say? It is EXTREMELY popular, for good reason. It still has settings for pressure cooking, steaming, rice, and yes, yogurt. And it's still coasting at the same low price that as before, but now, you can also get one that doubles as an AIR FRYER!

Holiday gift buying has taken on new meaning since 2020. Perhaps some of us are scaling back, or opting for Secret Santa to save money during modest times. What ever your situation may be, prices during the holidays, and particularly Black Friday and Cyber Monday are lowered. So if you are in need of something as a gift, or as a necessity in a post-holiday reality, now is a good time to do some research and check out what the options are. Amazon did not make it less confusing by extending Black Friday to 48 hours, but it it does make it easier and less stressful over all to have a little bit more time to shop. Check back on the Key Points section above if you get confused, and try to stay on top of some of the quicker sales like Lightning Deals, Early Black Friday Deals, and Epic Daily Deals, which change frequently. Good luck!