Pictured: Squid Games Mask and Track Suit, Dog-Elf, Wavy Arms, Rocket

There are infinite amounts of entertaining costumes on sale right now for the Halloween 2021 season. It’s super easy to find a clever, and easy, costume by just typing simple keywords into the camelcamelcamel search bar.

Rolling around trick-or-treating with the entire family dressed up, including the dog, is next-level Halloweening. Children will be filling up their good-parental-memory-cache after a night of trick-or-treating dressed as characters from Squid Games or The Wizard of Oz, including Toto of course.


Pictured: Dog-Elf, Shark Costume, Robo-Vac

Once a year, animal lovers are allowed to dress their pets up in hilarious and cute costumes without getting side-eye from the neighbors. Maybe, that's because it never gets old seeing a Dachshund in a hotdog costume, or dressed up like a taco, or a piece of sushi. The sight of a cat or dog dressed as a mail carrier would bring the Incredible Hulk to his knees.

Imagine Milton the Tabby jumping in and out of the Ripple Rug dressed like a bat. Or an lion creeping around the corner and pouncing on a wiggling cat toy.  A simple jacko lantern cat suit is a great accent to Halloween decorations for quiet Fall nights as well as social gatherings.

For all the money-savers with smaller animals, there are plenty of costumes for smaller pets like hamsters and guinea pigs.

It’s true that once a year you’re allowed to dress the Chow Chow up like Yoda without your best friend calling the humane society, but at camelcamelcamel, we think that it’s okay to dress your dog in a cheese costume at your next wine and cheese gathering, or put a graduation cap on your dog at a graduation party. In fact, we encourage this behavior.

Children and Teens

For the very little humans hanging on the hips of their thrifty parents, there are some seriously cute costumes for infants and toddlers. Like this classic monkey costume, or this knitted Turtle combo, (which is fashionable enough to be used year-round on brisk evening walks).

For the tiny humans that can walk, they might want to give in to the space-craze with a cool miniature astronaut costume, or maybe they’re big into Minecraft. Typing one or two of your kid's interests, along with the word, “costume,” into the camelcamelcamel search bar will summon more costume possibilities than you can imagine.

For teens, their costume choice is a statement: a simple sheet with two eyes cut out says, “I’m ALMOST too cool Halloween,” and combining a T-shirt with a Pi symbol and something like this cow headset is a walking Cow Pie pun for the mathlete with a sense of humor.

As for the older teens, trick-or-treating is soon going to be a part of the past, and throwing Halloween parties will take its place. The good news is, Halloween parties are not age-sensitive, so their party-throwing chops will age with them. Growing out of trick-or-treating age won’t be a bummer with fun games and decorations to put out during Halloween parties that will be thrown from high school to nursing care.

Adult Costumes for Singles and Couples

Shopping for a single costume allows for creative openness and requires the least amount of work.  Year after year, Big Costume stays current with items that mirror the world around us.

Some HIGHLY amusing recommendations include this wavy arm inflatable costume and this inflatable costume that makes you look like a small person strapped to a rocket. In fact, there is an entire subset of optical-illusion, inflatable-costumes that can stick you on the back of a T-Rex, zebra, dragon, rubber duck or an elf. Yes, there is a costume that makes it look like you are riding an elf, the perfect commentary on Fall and Winter holiday madness.

For all the people who are partnered or single, there are a lot of costumes that would be a hit at any Halloween gathering. Picture walking into a party as a pair of giant penguins. Everyone is going to be having hardcore, cute-couple envy. Speaking of cute, what about a pairing of Wesley and Princess Buttercup from The Princess Bride, or taking a picture at the wine and cheese table dressed as wine and cheese.

For couples, think angularly, making people work a little to get the gist of your costume equals bigger laughs. Pair this Wonder Woman costume with this bread costume and you have Wonder Bread. Or take the wavy arm inflatable costume and pair it with this Lumbergh from Office Space costume and BOOM, you and your partner are a walking, talking, used car dealership. Really, the sky is the limit.

What is a clever costume pairing that would make you and your friends laugh? Whatever you think up, you can find whatever you need to make it a reality, and for a good price, through camelcamelcamel.