To wring out as much savings as possible from the wet sponge that is our current financial reality, taking a few minutes to organize spending goes a long way.

Saving strategies can fall into three valuable categories: "Splurge" Items (splurge is in quotes because everything in this section is very reasonably priced), Everyday Essential Items, and Future Gifts. Any or all of these strategies can encourage a mature mindset around spending without the threat of having to make any major life changes.

Additionally, from now until the end of Prime Day, daily deals will be in rotation based on your personal taste and needs. Keep a tab open with the link for “Today’s Deals” and check back daily to make sure you don’t miss any new items. The same goes for the Prime Day coupons that are available now through the final hours of the sale. Last, check out this Prime Day Stampcard promotion to save an additional 10 dollars. If you fond yourself confused with all these new saving options, start here.

Prime Day is actually two days. It lasts for 48 hours starting at midnight, Pacific Daylight Time.

Splurge Strategically

The idea of treating yourself or splurging has been stigmatized. Items that fall into this category are often viewed as extra or unnecessary. However, with a basic level of financial awareness, spending money can be guilt-free. Once this spending-stigma is removed, one can focus on what they need to recalibrate and focus on the finer things. In the spirit of taking care of the mind and body, this list of Prime Day picks stay at realistic price points.

Amazon Echo Hack - A great gift of the modern world is the wealth of quality content like streamable music, podcasts, and audiobooks – a lot of which is totally free.  One way to recharge the mind is to tidy your living space while listening to something interesting and exciting. However, it can be hard to follow a podcast or audiobook while moving from room to room. Setting up Echoes around the house makes it much easier to get lost in a super interesting audiobook or podcast, or get energized by the music you adore. After powering through some chores effortlessly, celebrate by taking a lavish bath. (Outside the US: Australia, Canada)

Lavish Bath Supplies On the Cheap - Okay, the house is tidy, and now you're free to immediately surrender to a warm bathtub full of bubbles and any pleasing aroma of your choice. Picking up a pre-made spa kit is a great way to take the bathing game up a couple of serene notches. (Outside the US: AUS, CA)

Pro tip: pair one of the spa kits with some amazing scented candles. (AUS, CA)

Back, Shoulder, and Neck Massager - Not only do massages feel great, the process of getting one is basically the same as meditation. Slowing down and taking the time to make sure the body feels taken care of is a great way to start or end the day. (AUS, CA)

Smart TV - We are in a renaissance of great shows and movies available on all types of specialized streaming services. No matter what size screen fits your household, Prime Day is offering Smart HD Fire TVs for as low as 89 dollars. (AUS, CA)

Sony Portable Speakers - If the Echo isn’t your speed, any of these Sony Speakers will do the trick and they are extremely affordable right now. (AUS, CA)

Air Fryer - So many people are talking about this oil-free way to prepare food. There is no better time to grab yourself an affordable air-fryer than right now. (AUS, CA)

Musical Instruments - Playing music is just as refreshing as meditation and helps keep us sharp… and makes us more interesting.

Click this link for a daily list of self-care items on sale through Prime Day.


One of the greatest Prime Day strategies is to stock up on everyday essential items while they are at the lowest prices of the year. Not only are the items below the bare essentials that every household needs, but they also represent the most simple and affordable options out there.

Additionally, there is a great promotion going on right now where 20 dollar Prime Day credit is added to orders of 75 dollars or more.

Quick and Easy Cleaning Process

Not only is cleaning necessary, but it’s a good menial task to help with recalibration and recharging. It can feel daunting, but realistically, getting the house clean is a quick and easy process that can be finished in 2 to 4 steps.

Step One) Dust with a Simple Duster - The quickest way to jump into a rapid and pain-free cleaning spree is to dust all surfaces before sweeping. This particular model is washable too.

Step Two) No Frills Broom and Dustpan (for carpeted rooms, go directly to step four) -  Once the sweeping is done, a cheap and simple broom and upright dustpan are all that's needed to collect fallen debris and dust.

Step Three) Use a Hard Wood Floor Cleaner - The next step is spraying some multi-surface cleaner of your choice, and making a quick pass over hardwood floors.

Step Four) Vacuum - Now that all surfaces are dust-free, a quick pass with any of these name-brand yet very affordable vacuums is all you need.

Other Essential Items

Save on all of these essential Prime Day items:

-   Shower Curtain Liner

-   Plush Towels

-   Kleenex

-   Tool Kits

-   Blackout Curtains

Future Gifts

The combination of approaching holidays and shrinking bank accounts is an unpleasant feeling. Yet gift-giving is just as satisfying for the giver as the receiver. Are you wanting to get ahead of gift buying for holidays, birthdays, and other celebrations like graduations? Below is a list of gifts for the different types of people in your life.

Gifts for…

The Budding Chef - It’s rare to see high-quality cookware at this cheap price.

The New Home Owner - Keep an eye on this page featuring accent pieces for the home. There are many great money-saving opportunities on items like clocks, mirrors, and sconces.

The Stressed-out Friend - Sometimes there just isn’t enough time to draw a bath. Also, some households don’t even have a bathtub. The good news is that Shower Steamers are a quick and easy path to relaxation.

The Friend with Kids - There are a surprising amount of toys available right now for Prime Day. There are all types meant for infants to young adults, even adult adults.

Someone in Need of a Hobby - A hobby can be a solo effort as well as a fun group activity. A simple sewing kit is less than 7 dollars, whereas a fuller kit is still only 20 dollars. Also, think about their unique personality – consider a beer making kit or a tie-dye kit as well.

Friends with Cats - The future of cat toys has arrived with this amazing Automatic Cat Toy.

Friends with Dogs - This outstanding bundle has everything you need and is extremely affordable. Add a foam dog bed for extra credit.

Friends That Live Far Away - Stay in touch with friends and loved ones with good old-fashioned correspondence via the postal service. This stationery kit is all you need to show someone far away that you love them. Pro tip: include a self-addressed, stamped envelope in your first letter to reduce friction on the other end.

Your Valentine - This holiday is a bit more forgiving, but a solid bath kit is never a bad idea.

Saving Strategies are Easy

Amazon keeps building on the past year's savings, and this year is no exception. Using the strategies above and keeping an eye out on the rotating Daily Deals will make sure that no saving opportunity will go unnoticed. When done correctly, Prime Day can be used to prepare and save for the rest of the year.